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Currently recruiting players 18+ any class or level for leveling/experts/rifting and raiding.Contact any guild member to talk with an officer today!
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A Faeblight Defiant guild set on experiencing everything Telara can throw at us.

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Riftintrinks, Aug 5, 11 2:58 AM.
Recently Bronks and myself discussed with most of the active guild about finding more members and or a co-op or something in order to get further into raiding.

We have slowly found more players however due to many different reasons others are choosing to or are unable to play. This again makes raiding close to impossible.

 SO to fix this issue I went searching. I wanted to try to find a guild like ours and in the same boat. I had a few misses. However I may have found a match.

 EO some of you may or may not know about. They seem at the moment to be a good group of folks.  We have set up a channel in game for grouping to see how we all work together.  Co-Op  is that channel. Please use it.

If things don't pick up in our own guild a merger will be considered in order to allow those that want to or are able to play and raid etc to be able to.

 Currently we are having trouble filling our own 10 mans. 20's are way far away. And honestly do we want to get the first expansion and not see all there is to now? I don't.

Please let us know your thoughts. I have always said this is not MY guild its OURS. If you don't care fine. Things will go with out your input and u cant complain. If you do care let us know what you are thinking in regards to all this.


1.4 Wiped the floor with the Servers.

Riftintrinks, Aug 4, 11 4:26 PM.
1.4 Hit Live servers today and sadly it didnt go well. Lots of crashing issues etc.

But with all things Rift up to this point Im sure it will pan out.

With 1.4 we got lots of NEW items such as a 10man and patterns and lots of class changes etc.

I look forward to going thru all the new stuff and checking it all out.

What do you all look forward to the most? like the least?

Recruiting our way towards Raiding.

Bronks86, Jun 22, 11 6:08 PM.
Outsourced is currently in the process of recruiting more like minded individuals who have a strong desire to raid in a semi-casual,laid back atmosphere.Raid days are tues/thurs/sat at 8 PM est(5 pm server) but are subject to minor change if neccesary.We are currently on the verge of fielding 10 man raids and would love more people to get in on entry level 10 and 20 man raiding.So if you would rather get in and be part of a new raiding experience rather than in a 500 member guild riding the pine hoping someone faceplants and you get the call, then Outsourced may be for you!!
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